It communicates a little of everything—with hand-drumming on “Yosemite,” pattering drum machine on “Dark But Just a Game,” and loose, cymbal-heavy jazz drumming on “White Dress” and the title track—but pointing toward jazz and country more than ever before. The announcement was made through a post on Rico … Check Me Out 04. iPhone 05. New sensations seem to be exploding out of June almost as fast as she can process them, and The Moon and Stars is the controlled chaos that results. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Don’t Like Me (feat. Sonically, they all have the same placid air about them, with few distinctive peaks or valleys. “Call Me a Fool,” by contrast, is immediate, focused, and raw, featuring a powerhouse performance whose classic soul lineage is underscored by the presence of legendary Memphis singer Carla Thomas on backing vocals. Elsewhere in new music releases, Aminé dropped off the deluxe version of his August 2020 release Limbo. It’s a slow, murky album, full of vintage synths and reverb, and a preponderance of turgid tempos and overlong running times—not to mention Caleb’s usual po-faced lyricism—turn it into a bit of a drag. And yet, many of the album’s songs are missing the multi-faceted qualities of Del Rey’s best projects. So it’s no surprise that it shapes almost every song here in ways that are often subtle but deeply consequential. Rising rapper Rico Nasty has officially announced her debut album Nightmare Vacation. “No heavy hearts in my next year,” Josiah Wise promised on “A Comma,” a track from his 2020 EP Apparition. Elsewhere, “Claire & Eddie” is an attempt at a pro-environmental anthem that results in clunkers like “Ooh, fire’s gonna rage if people don’t change.” Even a single thought-provoking line, like the opening couplet of the weary, bittersweet acoustic closer “Fairytale,” is enough to emphasize how banal almost all the rest of the lyrics are: “Inconsistent love masked in a fairytale/You play along and you wear it well.”. Anderson’s Event Horizon Joins the Shout! Sal Cinquemani, Del Rey’s third album, Honeymoon, concentrates not on the bliss of romantic escape, but rather, more predictably, on the comforts of time away dwelling in one’s solitary melancholy. Here Are the Best Hip-Hop Projects of 2020 including albums from Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Juice Wrld, Benny The Butcher, Pop Smoke and more. An exploration of the distinctive, sometimes anomalistic, nature of the album, however, shouldn’t overshadow the exacting musicianship on display. Princess Luna, known as Nightmare Moon or Night Mare Moon when transformed or under certain other circumstances, is an Alicorn pony, the younger sister of Princess Celestia, and the main antagonist of the season one premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as Nightmare Moon. EUR 4,90 Versand. Their indescribably funky blend of fat house beats, squelching synthetic compression tricks, on-the-cheap veracity, and borrowed Studio-54 sheen would wear you out long before Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo were ready to finish roll-calling their teachers. It’s also Matthew’s vintage synths that are critical to its sound. Rico Nasty recently discussed how half of Nightmare Vacation was made after the start of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. The album’s two best songs epitomize June’s emotional and musical multitudes. It’s short, aggressive and about as in-your-face as a Slipknot record, and it leaves you with the feeling that it could be the record that will finally cement Nasty as one of the most essential, vital voices in … Rico Nasty has announced that her major label debut album, Nightmare Vacation, will be released on December 4th via Atlantic.. Calling When You See Yourself the best Kings of Leon album in years would be damning it with faint praise. Genre: Rock. Hey LPSTubers! The unfortunate reality of “Nightmare Vacation” though is that it winds up swinging wildly between extremes. Following four wildly diversified mixtapes, Rico Nasty found her music being labelled as anything from the questionable “pop-punk” to … Nightmare Vacation isn't as tightly bound as Anger Management or even the self-titled Nasty, but it imagines all elements of Rico Nasty's identity that we have seen on previous releases, attempting to — and for the most part succeeding in — rationalize the rapper, humanize her. 75. critic score (17) 65. user score (542) Mixtapes. The album is a compelling, if minor, chapter in the artist’s ongoing saga of fatalistic romanticism. Thematically, Out of Time centers on feelings of unattainable happiness, capturing the tendency of life to both surprise and underwhelm. 'Nightmare Vacation' is a statement, and manifestation, of Rico Nasty's career ambition in a time of flux and TikTok virality. EUR 6,90. Wise favors classic R&B beats, replete with finger snaps, shimmering chimes, piano, and 808s, throughout the album. By Max Gayler / 04 December 2020, 15:14 GMT. Julian Rubalcaba. Rico Nasty to Release Comic Books Inspired by Debut LP 'Nightmare Vacation’ Written by the artist herself. Label: Fantasy Release Date: March 12, 2021 Buy: Amazon. She wants to be famous, albeit as a trailblazer. Produced by Sadler Vaden, Reckless is striking in the way it upends expectations. Electro-enfants terribles Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo announced the conclusion of their 28-year musical partnership in true Daft Punk fashion, with an eight-minute video titled “Epilogue,” which depicts the French duo—dressed in their iconic racing suits and robot helmets—parting ways with explosive finality. Where a younger Rico fueled beefs with her rivals, she now dispels the misconception that there can only be one woman MC in the alt-rap lane, and is eager to cosign the next crop of emerging talent. 0 Gebote. As one of scant few black women making Americana music, June has doubtlessly always had to rise above the same old strum and twang to earn her keep. 1,130 Hypes 0 Comments. Only seven musicians, including Wade, appear throughout the album, but Vaden’s production offers Wade plenty of space without leaving the arrangements too sparse, which—given the rustic character of her voice—could have made Reckless come off like a roots record. Chemtrails Over the Country Club leans into the many Joni Mitchell comparisons that were prompted by Norman Fucking Rockwell. Then comes Lust for Life’s hipster-baiting centerpiece, “Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind,” which again finds an avenue back in time. Del Rey’s follow-up, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, is stylistically a continuation of its predecessor’s ballad-focused tract, but it doesn’t cut quite as deep. Most of Green to Gold yearns to hold on to moments like these, stretching them out as long as possible in an effort to get the most out of a flickering of serenity. EUR 5,70 Versand. Deacon is admittedly missing the magisterial transcendence of songs like Soil’s “Wrong Tree” and “Cherubim,” but its soundscapes are no less textured, from the slippery snares and synths of “Same Size Shoe,” to the rollicking percussion of “Fellowship,” to the gloomy echoes of “Amir.” Despite the album’s sonic restraint, though, there’s plenty of emotional angst on display. After all, the project’s sessions were partly conducted at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios. Nightmare Vacation Tracklist: 01. For McElhenney, that means imagining the band’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds, with more than few buttons of his shirt undone. EUR 7,70. Clocking in at approximately 40 minutes, the 16-track project features guest verses from Don Toliver and Gucci Mane on “Don’t Like Me,” Aminé on “Back & Forth,” Trippie Redd on “Loser,” 100 gecs on “OHFR?” and ppcocaine, Sukihana an Rubi Rose on the remix of “Smack A Bitch.”, In a recent Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, the rapper explained that quarantine and the general life path of growing up shot down her ego. We'd really appreciated it. It will always be remembered for its rousing pop peaks, yet its best-kept secrets are some of its most indelible moments. So when the first minute or so of the opening track, “Stay,” introduces a few retro-soul trappings—like grainy New Orleans-y piano and deep, sighing brass—it’s tempting to assume that this might be how the next 45 minutes will unfold, which would be a bold enough departure for June in its own right. Rico Nasty confirms release date for her debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Rico Nasty has announced the release date for her major label debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’. Later, on the playful “Wood Boy,” he plainly sings, “I want you on top of me…Damn I like him inside me…rearrange me.” Wise’s exploration of queer sexual roles is welcome in a culture that’s noticeably short on such depictions, and all the more fascinating for how he ties these themes to traditional gospel and R&B frameworks (the title of the album itself references a professedly subservient position in Christian churches). It’s a line that, once the chorus hits and June unleashes a gritty, back-of-the-throat growl, rings absolutely true. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. By. Factory, Review: Pixar Animation’s Oscar-Nominated Soul Arrives on Disney Blu-ray, Review: Paul W.S. Hip-Hop Eminem Ranked Lists. On Chemtrails Over the Country Club, Del Rey delights in dropping breadcrumbs: Her discussions of jewels on the title track links with mentions of the same on “For Free,” and she sings fondly of her ranch near Coldwater Canyon, which “sometimes…feels like [her] only friend,” on “Tulsa Jesus Freak” and “Dance Till We Die.” These thoughtfully connected threads make the album feel as if it’s in dialogue with itself and the rest of Del Rey’s catalog. At times it seems like Rico Nasty is poised to be a breakthrough female rapper who combines the attitude of Boss with the frank sexuality of Megan Thee Stallion to create a new super powered hip-hop star. Imagine Dragons’s new video is a wish-fulfillment fantasy through and through. On Green to Gold, the Antlers’s first studio album in seven years, it seems as if Silberman is finally finding—or at least looking for—some peace. 1st December 2020. Del Rey has been singing about leaving L.A. for a few years now, and she brings a longing for a less media-saturated existence to the fore on songs like “Let Me Love You Like a Woman”: “I come from a small town, how about you?/I only mention it ‘cause I’m ready to leave L.A. and I want you to come.” Conflating a romance with her relationship to California on “Wild at Heart,” she confesses, “Time after time, I think about leaving/But you know that I never do, just ‘cause you keep me believing.” Shrewdly, she complicates this longing, couching it in nostalgic remembrances so as to signal that returning to a simpler life is untenable. In a sense, this is an extension of 2014’s Ultraviolence, where Del Rey’s (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) fetishization of her own preferred romantic—or anti-romantic—submissiveness became self-alienating. Their music here is as unnervingly stiff and rewardingly labored as Steely Dan’s later albums, and also as rewardingly fussy. When the 23-year-old sneers “Rico, talk your shit, bitch!” on “STFU,” it’s evident that the urge to gas herself up isn’t egomania but self-love. The unfortunate reality of “Nightmare Vacation” though is that it winds up swinging wildly between extremes. 'Nightmare Vacation' is a statement, and manifestation, of Rico Nasty's career ambition in a time of flux and TikTok virality. Marking her television debut, the Maryland rapper performed the Nightmare Vacation track ‘OHFR?’.Watch it happen below. CREDIT: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images. Rico Nasty – NIGHTMARE VACATION (04. Rico Nasty tiday dropped her new album Nightmare Vacation. Del Rey has long cemented her status as a cult icon in the vein of a Tori Amos or Fiona Apple, whose influence on the title track is unmistakable, and she inspires the kind of fanaticism that often leaves her detractors perplexed. 74. critic score (6) 71. user score (714) 2018. Nightmare Vacation follows a number of EPs from the 2019 XXL Freshman, namely Summer’s Eve in 2014, The Rico Story and Sugar Trap in 2016, … The instrumental opening track, “Strawflower,” neatly defines the album’s palette: It’s an easy, methodical track that rises from a foundation of chirping cicadas and crickets, with a simple tick-tocking beat guiding a central guitar line. At the same time that vital stories like these are excluded from country music, singers with voices like Wade’s are also denied a place in the broader popular culture. But where at least the specters of suitors pined for, or commiserated with, impressed themselves on that music, Honeymoon’s dramatically sparse arrangements suggest a gaping absence of any presence to contest Del Rey’s own. Henderson, Daft Punk threw their collective dick down on the dance floor with the thick house jam “Musique,” which basically repeated the same word and filtered sample ad nauseam, almost daring you to counter that it wasn’t what its title claimed it to be. Basically, Nightmare Vacation is the soundtrack to Rico Nasty’s graduation. 11 March 2021. Rico Nasty has come through with her debut album, Nightmare Vacation. The album suggests that self-adulation can be just as therapeutic as unleashing rage, showing off Rico’s artistic range in the process. Songs like these diverge from her mosh-pit anthems, indicating that sexiness and self-love are just as much a part of Rico’s ethos as intimidating her detractors and bragging on about her diamonds. 2019. Eric Henderson, With Human After All, Daft Punk demonstrated that they were willing to defend their status as practically the only French pop-house act—no, make that the only pop-house act anywhere—capable of shaping solid, unified dance music albums. Aminé) 07. Mixtape. Two of its most affecting songs, “Near Wild Heaven” and “Texarkana,” are sung by Mills rather than Stipe, a rarity in the group’s catalog, and though Mills’s range pales in comparison to Stipe’s twangy, expressive baritone, the switch-up makes the album feel like more a collaborative effort—furthered by B-52’s singer Kate Pierson’s contributions to “Shiny Happy People” and the astounding, summative closer “Me in Honey.”. True to its title, “Heart Storm” is tempestuous, with Wise and guest vocalist NAO hyperbolically singing of how “the sky is gon’ split open once we are holding each other” over a busy smattering of organ, synths, and thunderclaps. Her winking emotionalism is so self-aware that it achieves an earnest purity. I want to say that sh*t, I don’t care if I hurt somebody’s feelings. We review the reviews. 2. Let It Out. Spudds McKenzie 가 디렉팅한 “STFU” 의 뮤직 비디오에서 Rico 는 영화 Fight Club 의 한 장면을 오마쥬하고 있다. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. On “Venice Bitch,” which is rife with references to quintessential American icons like Robert Frost, Del Rey pines for a world that had already coughed its last gasp by the time she was born. With a few exceptions, these are songs of desire, dependence, and desperation—of a narrator who’s searching for a way to make things better, even if that means settling for a temporary reprieve. On “IPHONE,” her full Auto-Tuned voice is magnetic, and her trickster flow lends itself well to the mischievous parody of hyperpop, rewarding her impulse to push against her own boundaries. Rico Nasty has announced the release date for her major label debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’.. Just et cetera, et cetera, it goes on and on.”. Rico’s delivery is half anime schoolgirl tease and half unhinged carnival barker. Like a funhouse mirror, these beats warp and stretch sound into unrecognizable forms, from a manic out-of-tune whistle on “OHFR?” to a demonic-sounding sitar on “Candy.” These tracks might overwhelm a less commanding rapper, but Rico presides over them like a mastermind. Debut solo album from the Maryland-born rapper with guest appearances from rappers Trippie Redd, Aminé, Gucci Mane and Don Toliver ADM rating[?] Titled Nightmare Vacay, the comic books will be written by the artist herself alongside comic creator Jarrett Williams. Rico Nasty has announced the release date for her debut album: Nightmare Vacation is out December 4. Neues Angebot LP 12“ Neil Diamond And the Singer sings his Song toller Zustand HB/LP/5/20 . “Hyacinth” highlights one of Wise’s recurring preoccupations, his interest in talking about being a sexual bottom: “I’m his little spoon and all the soup on his mouth came from me,” he quips. Reviews of Nightmare Vacation by Rico Nasty, Debut solo album from the Maryland-born rapper with guest appearances from rappers Trippie Redd, Aminé, Gucci Mane and Don Toliver . Label: RCA Release Date: March 5, 2021 Buy: Amazon. “The Bandit” and “Echoing,” both buoyed by Matthew’s sprightly riffing, are the most rousing, organic-sounding rock songs that Kings of Leon have released in ages. On the few occasions where the album’s tempo kicks up a notch, Caleb’s lack of gravitas is easily overshadowed by the band’s energy and synergy. In honor of Daft Punk’s nearly three-decade run, we’ve ranked all five of their albums. Though the band’s musicianship is in peak form, the album’s songwriting limits its impact. Human After All is a capital-A Album that somehow fails to be just about anything else: a) a collection of danceable jams, b) an act of pop artifice that, like 2001’s Discovery, also manages to work spectacularly as pop sincerity, or c) music. "iPhone" is Rico Nasty 's fifth solo single of the year, following on from "Dirty", "Popstar", "IDGAF" and "Lightning". American rapper Rico Nasty's discography consists of one studio album, seven mixtapes, seventy-five singles (including thirty-five as a featured artist), forty-five music videos, and one promotional single. If and when you stop to really take these sweeping, solemn songs in, it’s clear that the Antlers are still capable of conjuring beauty. Yet, it’s been so long since Kings of Leon have tried something new that it’s ultimately more endearing than any of their other post-“Sex on Fire” output. STFU 06. Today, Imagine Dragons dropped the video for their new single “Follow You,” from their upcoming fifth studio album. We’re committed to keeping our content free and accessible—meaning no paywalls or subscription fees—so if you like what we do, consider becoming a SLANT patron, or making a PayPal. Wade navigates these topics with stark, evocative storytelling. So should you.” Dave Hughes, Enter to Win Blu-rays of News of the World, Promising Young Woman, and Psycho Goreman, Our Preview Section Is Your Most Complete Guide for All the Films Coming Your Way Soon. The album is the product of an artist who knows who she is and wants nothing more than to rage and revel in it. A twinkling arpeggiator adds propulsion to the sweeping “When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away,” while dreamy string pads provide a warm haziness to “100,000 People.” These retro tones are risky for the band, who have crossed over into histrionic ‘80s revivalism in the past—and do so again with the cheesy “Time in Disguise.” But more often than not, these elements are used tastefully and texturally here, as on “Golden Restless Age,” wherein they complement the nervy new wave-y riff that drives the song. Their first LP, Homework, proved that endurance wasn’t going to be an issue. The Marshall Mathers LP is as close to perfect as a hip-hop album can get to in my opinion. It’s overextended at almost 75 minutes, but even in its flaws is the sense that Del Rey is working to disillusion her earlier work’s fetish of a tainted Americana. While the Antlers have always crafted beautiful, swelling indie rock, they’ve never been a particularly easy band to listen to. Label: Thirty Tigers Release Date: March 19, 2021 Buy: Amazon. Mixtape • Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats. For one thing, an overreliance on studio effects had almost completely sucked all the personality out of his guitar playing on the band’s last few efforts. Rico Nasty has finally unveiled the title of her highly-anticipated debut LP, Nightmare Vacation, as well as releasing new single "iPhone". But, by God, there’s an LP ethos here, albeit one that seems to depend on having tapped into Discovery, the cheez-whiz blend of early-‘80s trash-rock, MOR nattering, and streamlined post-disco funk of which still proved visionary enough that its own creators apparently deigned to reimagine the brew in a masturbatory act of satire. Rico’s debut LP, Nightmare Vacation, merges the aggression of both rap and punk, but it also finds Rico venturing into the shocking sweetness of hyperpop and unapologetic sensuality. This is the norm throughout the album, as the biggest-sounding, most out-there songs of June’s career are sequenced alongside some of her most meditative and intimate, such as the way the showstopping “Call Me a Fool” leads directly into the hushed “Fallin’.” The effect can be discombobulating in the moment but is ultimately a point of strength. Nick Cave, Justin Vernon, tUnE-yArDs, Neko Case Contribute Songs To New Mavis Staples LP News January 7, 2016 1:13 PM By James Rettig News January 7, 2016 1:13 PM By James Rettig Out of Time is somewhat of an odd duck for such a commercially successful album. These opposing styles, weaving back and forth, are guided by Stipe’s vocal, which toggles between hopeful and sardonic. In the video, shot inside the Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars (and real-life couple) Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson find themselves at a private Imagine Dragons concert that becomes an occasion for much wish-fulfillment. The first half hedges its contemporary pop signifiers (trap percussion, a duet with the Weeknd) with sonic elements that draw on various retro influences (the doo-wop backing of “Lust for Life,” the tremolo guitar effects and lo-fi drum rolls of “Cherry”) until arriving at three songs, two featuring A$AP Rocky, that push Del Rey as close to a contemporary sound as she’s gotten in years. Though the album will always be remembered for its rousing pop peaks, its best-kept secrets are some of its most indelible moments. She embodies self-acceptance on “Own It,” a slinky dance track that recalls the EDM infusions of Vince Staples’s Big Fish Theory. In honor of the electronic duo’s nearly three-decade run, we’ve ranked all five of their albums. Caleb Caldwell, However much hate she may have accrued for her sleepy, sarcastic take on pop stardom, Lana Del Rey emerged as one of the decade’s true success stories, pushing past the flash-in-the-pan accusations into a uniquely absorbing post-modern figure, succeeding not in spite of the remarkably exposed, freely exploitative bent of her music, but because of it. Pitchfork say it's "another musically adventurous album that is warm and newly full of grace" Rico Nasty Nightmare Vacation. was steadily working up to many of the winning-formula components of Out of Time in the albums preceding it. And while it doesn’t engage with our current moment or hot-button issues as urgently as Norman Fucking Rockwell does, it’s also part of a larger pop-cultural conversation—or at least, it has some hilarious and apt references to astrology, Kings of Leon, and How Green Was My Valley. Only this time his songs are more earthbound, grounded in the secular rather than the celestial. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Label: Interscope Release Date: March 19, 2021 Buy: Amazon. Sugar Trap. Dezember 2020) Dark Mark – DARK MARK D Jared, for one, gets to play a couple of unexpectedly jazzy basslines on “Stormy Weather” and “Supermarket”—the highlights of two otherwise dull tracks—and is better utilized on this album than he has been in a while. Cinquemani. After all, Del Rey reminds us, she’s “pretty when [she cries].” Neither the coolness of her vocal timbre nor the malaise of her delivery can quite disguise the fact that she’s a pop singer almost without peer in her generation, assisted by producer Dan Auerbach’s dreamy minimalism and the ghosts of jazz and ‘70s pop. Henderson, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, simultaneously the most narcissistic and selfless gesture of their careers, is a painstaking mission statement. Our nostalgia might be for a betrayal that never happened, but it still hurts. And while it certainly didn’t lack for prominent advocates during the ‘90s and ‘00s, perhaps the earliest and most important champions of disco’s rebirth were the rascally robots in Daft Punk. At times, the album’s lack of intensity allows the songs to sink into the background a little too easily. Chef’s kiss to whoever came up with the line: “Let’s get out of here before they play ‘Radioactive’.”. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Much of the LP’s more scenic musical routes pass us by as we delve into generic, modern pop-trap beloved by the BBC Radio 1's of late. Despite its parodic title, though, Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell doesn’t so much subvert an idealistic notion of the American dream as perform a postmortem of it. We rarely hear pop or rock that features thick mountain accents or deep Texas drawls—not a surprising fact considering the structural bias that exists against regional dialects (especially Southern ones). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Sugar Trap 2. Nightmare Vacation isn't as tightly bound as Anger Management or even the self-titled Nasty, but it imagines all elements of Rico Nasty's identity that we have seen on previous releases, attempting to — and for the most part succeeding in — rationalize the rapper, humanize her. Over a string of … Mixtape. Jesse Cataldo, Norman Rockwell’s vision of America defined much of the 20th century, with illustrations that often depicted a sentimental—some might say naïve—interpretation of American life. Over just five short years, the intensity of her music has built from the sugar-trap taunts of “iCarly” and “Hey Arnold” to the seething attacks of “Countin’ Up” and “Smack a Bitch.” Rico’s debut LP, Nightmare Vacation, merges the aggression of both rap and punk, but it also finds Rico venturing into the shocking sweetness of hyperpop and unapologetic sensuality. The songs are marked by their distinct transitions, as in the way the string section quakes between the chorus and verse on “Dark But Just a Game,” or how the bridge suddenly takes on a jaunty, ‘70s-rock flavor on “Dance Till We Die.” The percussion, often a clear indication of the stylistic direction of any given Del Rey album, is subtle and varied throughout Chemtrails Over the Country Club. On “Let It Out,” Rico screams her lungs out over what sounds like a garbage disposal. And wisely, When You See Yourself gives each member of the band room to stretch out a bit. Label: Anti Release Date: March 26, 2021 Buy: Amazon. By Charlie Zhang / Dec 13, 2020. 3. Ultimately true to the album’s unsuspecting identity as a blockbuster, though, “Losing My Religion” and “Shiny Happy People” almost seem too longing and emotionally gutting for pop radio.