The recoil on the APX compact 9mm was very soft and flat. In fact, the Beretta APX might be the best deal you can get on a new 9mm carry gun right now. Weight unloaded (OZ): 19.8 14. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. OP, thank you for the great review. I wasn't in the market for an APX before, and your post confirmed why. + Permitless Carry Keeps Winning,,,, How good is the trigger? [ARFCOM NEWS] Stairmaster Pushes Senate For AWB, Is It Inevitable? In 1989, I bought Beretta 92f. ",,, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Carry size slide with longer grip. Gun Reviews. Mine, with the Wilson twist on the Brig Tac and Centurion . Below are the specs for the Beretta APX Carry as stated by Beretta. . Compared it to a Canik TP9. Only thing really holding it back is I have yet to see an conversion kits for it. Does the "Ribbed for her pleasure" slide design make reholstering/drawing difficult? The PX will not be the place to buy one. A forum community dedicated to SIG Sauer Pistols and SIG Sauer Rifles owners and enthusiasts. The MSRP for the APX is just under $400, and Caleb noted that the street price can be found (at the time of this writing) at around $350. Overall width (in): 0.9 12. They are selling the mil/Le one for more than MSRP? The 92 version that comes in the fde color with the plastic ammo box did catch my eye too. In the next few months I may be in the market for a new handgun. The new Beretta APX semiautomatic pistol, utilizing a removable, serialized chassis frame, can be easily modified with replaceable grip frame housings and is simple to disassemble and maintain. If people molded their own holsters would the slide catch in the ridges when drawing/holstering? Just one thing... That was a well written review. Last weekend I was at the local gun shop to buy a 92FS.......Took a look at the APX as well. It looked like it would be easier to rack with the machining on it. The price seems pretty good and the quality from my lgs counter seems pretty good. Reaction has been somewhat mixed to the introduction of the Beretta APX. The Beretta APX Compact is new for 2018, and it builds on the history of the original APX by giving you all the great features of the original gun in a smaller package. The dealer saw me fooling with the trigger and commented that there won't be any fixes for the trigger for a while. The APX takes many cues from SIG Sauer's P250/320 series of handguns. I owned a compact APX for a while. Handled one at a gun show the other day. Offered in 9 mm and .40 S&W initially, more calibers—including .45 ACP—are expected to become available, along with new frame/slide/barrel variations as well. Range Life. "I don't think you boys understand . Like the SIG pistol that won the contract, the Beretta APX is a modular design that utilizes a serial-numbered chassis that comprises the “firearm” portion of the handgun. The mention of the striker indicator is similar to the Beretta trigger mechanism. But I am a Beretta fan and was curious to see some thorough thoughts on the APX. I bought a PT9SF instead due to the much better trigger than the APX. The decision to purchase an APX is difficult because the APX does not accept 92f magazines. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Never planned to get one as I don't like Glocks, and by extension, pistols trying to copy their philosophy. Beretta Front Sight -0.3 for APX. The best price for beretta apx 9mm for sale online. they killed my dog. The Beretta APX will appeal to Beretta fans, but brand loyalty only goes so far. Beretta APX Adjustable Sight Kit for pistol model APX. Beretta Holster, Grey & FDE Frames & Backstraps, 2 Attachments, Tool & Parts. OP your review failed on one point. By now you may have seen it at gun shows and is available to the public. I ended up trading it off since I settled on the P320 for striker fired platform. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the APX’s magazine release button can be easily reversed, and the slide stop is ambidextrous. The handgun I was considering is the Beretta APX. Sponsored Post. 2) È vietato pubblicare il prezzo di tutti quei materiali per il cui acquisto è necessario il PDA. It’s also important to recognize that the current Beretta APX pistol is only the first in what Beretta expects to be a full product line. Get your special parts here! From what I can tell they've come out with several different versions. € 26,90. However, I simply can not justify buying a handgun and having to stockpile magazines just for it. The Beretta APX carry is a worthy competitor to the Glock 43 and Smith and Wesson Shield. The Beretta APX represents Beretta's first striker-fired duty-sized handgun. Magazine: 6/8 6. By David Maccar. The Sentry 12: A New Kind of Shotgun. Great gun overall. We take a look at the Beretta APX, from the range to the bench. Review below. The PX4, a polymer framed, hammer fired gun. The APX’s trigger breaks at 6lbs and has a clear tactile and audible very short reset. Or just the option to change the slide from duty size to long like they did with the vp9 long slide kit. The APX has a 4.25-inch barrel, which is a nice length for duty carry. Oggi vediamo insieme la prima striker di casa Beretta.Sarà fatta una breve prova a fuoco!Ps. Viewed in the context of other pistols in the same price range, the APX is a good gun, but it is not a great gun. I wish Beretta all the luck with the APX. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Their target audience isn’t going to want to come home from work, take apart their gun and convert it to a different size slide and frame, then have to reverse the process in the morning. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. What is the centurion model? Looks can deceive though. The name APX refers to "Advanced Pistol X" (the "X" referring to a caliber of choice), as the firearm is fully modular and you can change calibers and frame sizes somewhat easily. € 34,90 (1) Beretta APX Full Size Magazine 17Rds 9mm. It's always been a pistol that I look at and appreciate sometimes and then I look at it and think its ugly. [THE GATHERING] Century Arms: Turkish Storm Trooper Pistols + German Space Magic!!! Substance matters here. When I say “tiny”, I don’t mean just a version of the APX that someone took a hacksaw to – it has been redesigned into a completely new form factor. Thorough and well done review. Latest. On a related note, how's your experience been with the Px4? Beretta APX- Changed to Grey Frame-Black Backstrap Criteria and Considerations Here are just 10 of my criteria and factors I use for evaluating any handgun, so I will use them for the Beretta APX. Though I've never handled one, only looked through the glass at my lgs the slide looked aggressive. I dont know which version is the best buy for my money but I have considered purchasing one in the past. Caleb continues: Advertisement. Modular Design This Beretta APX is a full size service pistol with a 4.24 inch barrel. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. Wow, sir, that was one hell of a review. I really need to do some research on the 92. You did not see how it reacts when thrown at a steel target. It ruins the ability to mill and add a dot. I was considering buying one when the CZ-10 was hard to find. Very well done! Every Beretta I have fired from the CX4, ARX 100, to the PX4, 90 series, Nano, Pico and even the APX all have shown the typical, exceptional Beretta accuracy. I give Berretta credit for trying but the Glock 17 came out in 1982 and after 35 years this what Berretta can come up with as a competitor? If I’m answering the question of “is the Beretta APX any good” we have to start with the price point. Overall height (mm): 106 7. In fact, the Beretta APX might be the best deal you can get on a new 9mm carry gun right now. The result is a pistol that delivers superior performance in durability and reliability, ergonomics, trigger, and modularity. Well, the future is now, and we do indeed have that micro-9 sized Beretta APX that is everything its larger sibling is, in a very tiny package. I really dont need another plastic, striker fired pistol but that's beside the point. Rimfire Power. Hadn't seen that one, but I like Beretta's. When the Army adopted it, Action: Striker-fired 2. Barrel length (in): 3 4. Very comprehensive and thorough. The picture posted above of the Army MHS, aside from the obvious difference of having a safety, also appears to have a slide catch that is subtly less flush with the frame. Beretta's version of what glock is doing with their X series. Designed specifically for military and law enforcement operators, the Beretta APX has been put through extensive testing and evaluation at the professional end user level. Beretta’s APX Carry is the latest edition to the APX line of polymer-frame, striker-fired pistols. The APX truly is the ultimate striker fired pistol from Beretta. I have owned an APX Centurion since the first of the year and enjoy it. how did Beretta get there? 5 inch barrel plinker would be fun. Beretta came out with its own striker fire pistol – the Beretta APX. Bear with some service pistol history form the mid 80s until now. The addition of the new APX semiautomatic pistol completes the full size pistol portfolio and makes Beretta one of the few manufacturers to offer full size polymer and metallic framed handguns in both hammer and striker fired operating systems. The new APX semiautomatic pistol makes AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Interesting. Overall width (mm): 23 11. REGOLAMENTO DEL GRUPPO 1) E’ vietata ogni forma di compravendita o cessione, in particolar modo di armi, parti d’arma o munizioni, ma anche di qualsiasi altro materiale. There is the polymer black frame, and the slide is also black with slide grasping grooves from the front.. Why take the time to make a chassis gun, yet only sell complete pistols? Even for its conundrums, I like the APX. Great review. I think the Beretta Forum hates me because I was a 92 fan for a long time, But give critical unbiased reviews of Beretta products. Beretta APX Magazine 15 Rds 9mm. Lots of good info you don't normally see reviewers cover. The Beretta APX - Designed for Professional Operators. Anybody own or have any substantial range time with the APX? You claimed there were multiple reviews showing poor accuracy so far you haven't supported that claim. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Beretta is the oldest firearms company in the world- more than 500 years old, although it can find records going back only 490 years- and established firms tend not to go off half-cocked. € 34,90 (1) APX Spare Parts Code 23: Magazine Cal. The Beretta APX was designed for military and law enforcement users, and it has been put through extensive testing at the professional level for the last three years. Save big on a new beretta apx 9mm. Many do not appreciate the 92/M9 series. No thanks. Beretta APX Striker: Gun Test. Thanks for taking the time to do this. The Beretta APX presents a quandary for me, as I am in love with the company and am one of the biggest proponents of the M9. JavaScript is disabled. Overall length (mm): 143 9. Earlier this year, Beretta announced additions to the APX family, namely the Centurion and Compact Beretta APX Barrel and Frame. Similar to the APX Carry in dimensions and sharing the same modular chassis frame is the Beretta Nano, but the two pistols diverge in obvious and subtle respects. Thanks for posting. Didn't shoot one but I thought the trigger on the APX I was looking at had a mushy trigger. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I haven’t heard anything about a longer slide option but they did put out a smaller carry model this year so the APX is likely to get more models in the future. Ease of use was. The 92 has been out forever but they just released some new models of it. Weight unloaded (g): 562 13. We cover field strip, to the pros & cons of this striker Fired Beretta. In light of this segregated history, this week's Beretta APX announcement is particularly noteworthy as it marks the end of an era for handgun manufacturers and possibly the end of hammer fired pistols as a whole. Having said that, my compliments on the thoroughness of your review, easily one of the best I've ever read on Arfcom. € 95,00. Caliber: 9×19 (PARA) 5. . BERETTA APX Italian Owners Group has 3,010 members. It represents different and we must say, with more modern technology. I won't buy anything Beretta after their Nano blew up in my hand from an OOB detonation and they basically told us too bad & to pay for it to be fixed. That's surprising about slide. For many reasons, the APX series of guns is priced very well. I guess I could google it but easier to just ask you. I gotcha. I am not an Operator, USPSA Grandmaster, shooting instructor, IDPA Champion, professional reviewer, and have never shot anyone with a pistol. 1. Copyright © 1996-2021 AR15.COM LLC. At the 11:15 mark he talks about that plunger in the top of the slide. € 26,90. I wonder if they have any plans for a long slide version? This is a far different type of handgun than the Beretta 92. Front Sight -0.6 for Beretta APX. I've been looking at these since they came out but I've never owned a Beretta. Viewed on its own merits as a handgun for the range or home defense, the APX is a fine choice. I will stick with Glock. It fits my hand, fairly soft firing and I've had no issues. Beretta focuses on marketing the APX as a home and personal defense gun. Ammo picky? Overall length (in): 5.63 10. Great review and thanks for taking the time and gamble with your money! Over the past 28 years, I bought numerous … . All Rights Reserved. Beretta APX Pistol -Designed specifically for military and law enforcement operators, the APX has been put through extensive testing and evaluation at the professional end user level. It exudes Italian quality and performs like an experienced American veteran. Thanks! I've always considered one but haven't seen much discussion about them recently. I wonder if they could shave it down or if really needs to be that long for the firing pin block. A few others to consider may be the Sig P320 Carry, G5 19MOS or perhaps a Px4 Storm Carry. I took a look at the PX4 about a year or two ago. Overall height (in): 4.17 8. I have a 9mm Centurion model, overall I like it. A very detailed and rational examination. This pistol has been around since 2015, initially was only available to the military and law enforcement. Barrel length (mm): 78 3. . The APX pros for me are excellent grip texture, good trigger, excellent quality mags and overall gun quality. Reliability etc...? By the time Beretta felt the APX was ready for sale, the gun had been in development for four years, with more than 1 million rounds fired through test guns. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. Find out how the civilian version of the Italian gunmaker's entry in the Army handgun trials fared at the range. Beretta’s APX striker-fired 9mm is a top-tier duty gun; one that I can’t help but feel is oft-overlooked.But not by Jon Wayne Taylor, who liked the RDO, Centurion, and Compact to the tune of a strong 4 stars or by Dan Zimmerman, who gave the Full Size a full-on 5 stars and often carries it while out-and-about.. The aftermarket, factory extras scene for them seems to be slow but that's not a huge deal breaker. Said chassis can be removed and installed in various frames of different sizes and colors, as well as in various calibers. More Gun Reviews. the key driver in the development of the APX. Can you not drop a rmr on top? Thanks for posting! Thanks! This is the test I look for when choosing a handgun. August 2, 2017.