Ausmalbilder Gru. Crane and the others hid from the wolf army in Gongmen Jail, where Tigress angrily confronted Po over his letting Shen escape. [63][64] He was the runner up after Uroš Čertić. ", Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010,, Serbian people of Bosnia and Herzegovina descent, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from March 2019, Articles with dead external links from August 2020, Articles containing Serbian-language text, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 18:10. il kung fu (gli animali rappresentanti (gru, scimmia, serpente, mantide,…: il kung fu (gli animali rappresentanti, le tecniche(che conosco), le posizioni, armi ( bastone, sciabola, ), i calci , i numeri, il maestro fondatore) For other uses, see, 1994–1999: Debut album and Gru 2 (Biću tu, Srce), 2007–2010: The Ultimate Collection, television projects, 2010–2014: I dalje me žele, Dugme po dugme, Biću tu (20 godina kasnije), 2014–2019: Novo leto, Plan B, Nebrušen dijamant, second season of Tvoje lice zvuči poznato, the third season of Tvoje lice zvuči poznato, "World Music Awards; section entitled "The Awards, "Klubu "The Bank" uručena prestižna svetska nagrada za NAJBOLJI KLUB u istočnoj Evropi", "VEČERAS U BANK-u PRAVA ADRENALIN DŽANKI PRIČA! Then, when the Wolf Bandits tried to seize her, he was forced to show her the truth when he used Kung Fu to defeat them. (FOTO) (VIDEO)", "POGINUO GRU Slavni reper Dalibor Andonov stradao u nesreći u Zemunu", "PETAK JE VEČE, SEDAM U MEČE Evo kako danas izgleda reper Gru, žena mu je i dalje top riba", "Croatian Deverich is New Coach of PFC Belasitsa", "This Serbian Hip Hop Video Could Be The Weirdest Thing You'll See All Day", "Boris Milivojević: Brak je priča iz nekih prošlih vremena", "Jelena Gavrilović: Venčanje u vrtu uz lampione i sofu", "DANI ZORANA RADMILOVIĆA Miloš Samolov dobio Zoranov brk", "Bila je TOP RIBA iz Gruovog spota, muškarci su je OBOŽAVALI, povukla se iz javnosti, a evo kako danas izgleda! Books Age About this product. He did an international tour in 2009, rapping in Canada, Scandinavia and (Germany). They've also improved their teamwork, as Crane is shown several times helping Po with aerial maneuvers or insuring he lands safely from leaping high altitudes.[11]. Eye color In traditional crane style, the fighter poses his striking hand similar to the long pointed beak of the bird. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Crane, along with Po and the rest of the Five, ventured across China to face the threat and vanquish it. [5] He has been dubbed The Serbian Rap Machine. [57] The same year Biću tu was interpreted yet again in the Albanian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Funko Mystery Minis: Minions: The Rise of Gru - Kung Fu Bob Vinyl Figure. Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. He also had his film debut in Land of Truth, Love & Freedom as Petar Peca, and composed the soundtrack for Dorcol-Manhattan. Unsere Webseiten. Films Marking the first wave of Serbian hip hop with his debut album Da li imaš pravo?, Andonov produced five albums as a solo artist, out of which four reached gold and platinum status in Serbia. While the tower slowly toppled over, Crane and the others quickly climbed up the tower and leaped off the top, over the palace walls, and escaped into the city. [20] The most popular example is arguably Biću tu (1996), which combined funk with hip-hop,[68] but also instances with MF Gru – Ko Je Gru? A song heavily hinted by prostitution, Biću tu was accompanied by a music video that was controversial due to provocative content. Crane, Po, and other members of The Five hearing the news of Master Thundering Rhino's death and Shen's takeover of Gongmen City. Minions 2: The Rise of Gru Mighty Stuart With Kung Fu Action Figure New b7. An awkward conversation ensued, during which Po accidentally kicked a hole in the material separating Crane and Monkey's rooms, and ended with Po parting with more awkward apologies. Andonov began his career in 1990 as a founding member in the Yugoslav recording act Project 6, which disbanded in 1993. Andonov published the album Gru 2 in October 1996, and it gained him notoriety in the Balkan countries, becoming the most commercially successful album in Serbia to date, selling 4 million copies, which holds the record as the best-selling album in Balkan history. Crane, Viper, Monkey, and Ox in fighting positions. While traveling on a boat towards the city, Crane and the others were awoken when they overheard Po and Tigress talking about the revelation of Po's adoption outside their cabin. [4] Other than his immense popularity in the Balkans, he is well known in other countries of Eastern and Northern Europe. At the time, when the four artists formed the seventh gala, Mirjana Kostić and Kristijan Jovanov were expelled, while contestants Adnan Babajić and Milica Majstorović were nominated. [8], Unlike the others of the Furious Five, Crane learned kung fu by himself when he worked as a janitor at the Lee Da Kung Fu Academy. This ended in disaster, as they got the soup all over the customers. While Shifu "drowns" in quicksand, Crane remarks "Never mind that. foto of gru Choker for fan of kung fu panda legends of awesomeness 28923959 (2002), which is mixed with eurodance,[69] Komercijala (2003) and Kiša (2004), where rap meets pop,[21] and the new singles, after his hiatus include Dugme po dugme (2014), which combines trap music,[70] Biću tu (20 godina kasnije) (2015), which includes structures of Serbian turbo-folk. He sat himself on a hollow log, unaware that was Viper hiding in it. Po was the only one able to fight, so he swam to a sunken boat where he made his final stand against the remaining boats. & TV series)[6]. Heidi-4. Later, he offered to tour her on what the village had to offer. [9] In the series, he shows a deep devotion to the Five by risking his life for them. In "Ladies of the Shade", he helped Po and Viper in a daring rescue mission to bring the Dragon Chalice back to the Jade Palace. Occupation [9], Crane practicing kung fu on the Jade Tortoise of Wisdom, In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Crane displayed another ability while aiding Po alongside the other Five in place settings for the Jade Palace's formal Winter Feast; he was shown being able to manipulate the wind he unleashed under the plates and cups with his wings, lifting them long enough for Monkey to accurately and quickly distribute placemats directly under them. Although she was shocked at the sight of his moves, she realized how much he loved her. ", Crane uses an interesting facial cue: By looking down and up with his eyes, he signals to Po what the problem is. Crane's jaw dropped when Tigress lunged at Po, apparently angered, but instead hugged him. He also wears rings around his ankles and toes: Five ankle rings on each of his legs, and a single toe ring on each of his toes. First appearance Crane was trained by Shifu like the others of the Furious Five. He had used this weapon to kill Master Thundering Rhino and take over Gongmen City. He'll try to avoid a fight, if at all possible... but if he can't avoid it, he'll do everything he can to win it. [16] The song was also credited by Dragan Brajović Braja to have found the balance between commercialisation and underground. [96][97], A basketball fan, Andonov was a well-known Los Angeles Lakers supporter. The masters run in to ruins to fight. gru-25; Gru-24; Gru-23; Gru-22; Gru-21; Gru-19; Gru-18; Gru-17; Gru-16; Gru-15; Gru-14; Gru-13. In "Crane on a Wire", Crane is revealed to have allergies, which usually results in obnoxious sneezing, snorting and coughing. [7][6] The albums included critically and commercially acclaimed songs that topped the Balkan charts, including Srce, Biću tu, Kad se popnem na binu, Kiša, and Da li imaš pravo?, winning him three Serbian Oscars of Popularity, an Indexi Award and a World Music Award. He is always seen wearing his hat (even while he fights), even though he has been seen without it, usually when he's eating or sleeping. [58] In November 2017, Andonov released a medley single, which incorporated Biću tu, I dalje me žele, Srce, Putnik, Kiša, Ozbiljna veza, Čovek je čoveku vuk, Pravo u raj, Skit, Dugme po dugme and Doktore in that order. From 2007 to 2010, Andonov primarily started DJing. He tagged along with Tigress and the others to defeat Tai Lung, but after Tai Lung defeated them in battle by paralyzing all but Crane, he brought them back to the Jade Palace by flight, despite their heavy weight and the long, tedious journey back. At that time, his martial arts mostly composed of cleaning and sweeping to ease his janitor's workload. The Five understood Po's reasons for leaving, and they later joined him at the party at the restaurant. She was unable to reach him in time, and Crane and the others watched in horror as Po was blasted out of the factory by Shen's largest cannon, presumably to his death. In 1999, he helped produce the Full Moon and Monteniggers single Ja se vraćam u svoj hram. Littlest pet shop-1. Cinemusicplay Cinema, Musica, gioco e molto altro !! After finding the many tasks too daunting to do himself, Po decided to call on the Furious Five for help. [2][3] His album Gru 2 is the most commercially successful album in Serbia, selling four million copies, and reaching certified gold status in Serbia. [32][33], In 2010, Andonov alongside Serbian rapper Ajs Nigrutin released I dalje me žele (They Still Want Me) as a hip hop duet. [98][99][100], On September 9, 2019, Gru was kitesurfing in Zemun next to the "Nautic Club Zemun" when a gust of wind lifted him out of the water and slammed him back multiple times. After the others had performed (aside from Tigress), he lined up with the rest of the Five when Master Oogway announced that the Dragon Warrior was among them. Crane's jaw dropped once again when Tigress helped Po out of the water and then received a hug from him. The same year, he was featured on Marchelo's album De Facto, more specifically the song Bolji život (Better life), where Marchelo provided guest vocals. He was just as surprised as the rest when a chubby panda named Po fell out of the sky and landed in front of Oogway's pointing claw. Species Crane sharing an awkward conversation with Po, Crane is the pragmatist of the group. Report This. When the Valley was evacuated, Crane was tasked with lighting the path for the villagers with a lantern as they evacuated. 7-good-vibez liked this . He later reminded Tigress from his room that they weren't supposed to talk about Tai Lung when she began telling Po her story, but by the end of it, he and Monkey had opened the door between Crane and Po's room to listen. "[94][95], Based on Andonov's career, the 2015 documentary Stani na put was made. In 2008, he was cast as Master Monkey, one of the protagonists in the Kung Fu Panda franchise, and dubbed the character in every movie adaptation of Kung Fu Panda. Crane, the Five, Mr. Ping, and Po pose for a portrait. In Secrets of the Furious Five and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Crane is shown to use his wings as if they were hands. [75], Andonov is one of the pioneers of Serbian rap music, and remains a prominent figure in the Serbian rap scene, being a main source of inspiration to the aspiring rappers in Eastern Europe, including Ajs Nigrutin; who chose the stage name Nigrutin based on Gru;[76] Liroy, Wikluh Sky,[77] Marchelo,[78] Don Trialeon, MC Yankoo,[79][80] Rasta[81] and Juice. [56], In April 2017, Andonov did a charitable concert in Zagreb with Edo Maajka. It was originally slated to release on July 3rd, 2020 but on April 1st, 2020 due to the Coronavirus, it was postponed an entire year to July 2nd, 2021. In 2006, the couple married. He was Don Trialeon's guest star in Trialeon's radio show Škola alongside The Jungle Brothers, Sole, Coolio and RZA of The Wu Tang Clan.[27][20]. Master Crane, "El Storko"[2] He said he managed an inn, instead of admitting he was a Kung Fu master. In the end, Po saves all of the warriors by bringing Kai to the Underworld; thus, Crane is released from Kai's bondage and brought back to Earth. [59] Earlier that year, he purchased a tropic bar in Boracay, Philippines.[58]. While in the jail, Monkey suggested using "crane noises" (which were "Ka-kaw, ki-ki") to warn the others of danger, to which Crane replied indignantly that he had never made noises like that.

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