From what I can tell, it's over 10 years old, and I'd guess over 20 (the cap is wood stained green). Buon profumo,pino Silvestre è un classico.Riesce a mantenere la fragranza tutta la giornata,chiaramente il profumo si attenua,ma per quello che costa e la fragranza prodotta è un profumo valido.Ve lo consiglio νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Sure, there's a tiny bit of Pine-Sol here, but isn't that a great smell, too? Love this scent but I don't want to be a large pine cone in motion.I wish they could make a room fragrance oil version. To me the scent is fun, refreshing, a mood changer on a down day. The opening also contains a prominent musky and animalic accord. That was a cloudy and rainy spring day (I live in a cold climate, btw), and somehow the smell of Pino silvestre, mixed with the smell of a damp forest, created an exceptional experience for my nose. And I do! ... Altri utenti nella categoria Profumo pino silvestre hanno visualizzato: classico verde, profumo eau de toilette, pino silvestre edt profumo… My grandfather wore it in the 60's so it has a warm reminiscing nostalgic attachment for me. So my father used to use this when we were in Europe and when we moved to Canada, he couldn't find it anywhere. This fragrance does not live up to its name - Pino Silvestre, because it does not smell like pine at all.   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. È uno storico marchio italiano, apprezzato a livello mondiale per la sua immagine iconica e la sua capacità unica ad esprimere in modo inconfondibile la vera essenza della natura. While we love the smell here because it means we are about to eat some great food, it is not something we want our bodies to smell like. The sillage is not impressive, but I can still detect it 5 hours later. Does anyone know whether there is a difference between those? Had no sillage so didn’t have to make anyone else feel sick just myself. The initial burst of very strong juniper may be off putting for some but the middle note of pine is great. It doesn't DO much, but it's something inexpensive to wear around the house during the day. But the scent is one of my favorites. De ízlések és pofonok. Albeit I was a bit disappointed at first, because it doesn't authentically portrait a pine tree, I find the scent quite likable. and oregano, not only it wasn't what I had been expecting but I think combined with the musk it was extremely unpleasant. Compared to a lot of new expensive and niche fragrances , it doesn't have much to say , but I feel really great about it! Nothing worked...soothing weighted magnesium oil Himalayan Salt Lamp...Melatonin...nothing! It also has the number 50 and the degree symbol next to it on the front label (I didn't get the box). The lavender here is not as sharp as the vintage bottle I have and it's much smoother (overall) than the recent (perhaps 10 years old) bottle I have, so I'm quite pleased with the acquisition. However i caught a waft of this sometime later and it was a hit. Les parfums Pino Silvestre de Vidal ont vu le jour en 1955 à Venise. I had hoped Pino Silvestre would have a Pine scent. I've been experimenting with it the last 3 days and find it works well if layered with classic Azzaro or any other woody scent, as long as you don't overdo it with other EDTs. !Oooo,it smelled the whole house,now i'll had a headache! I have always liked the scent of Palmolive Classic shaving foam (the green can), and wished I could wear it. sharp lemon and lime for a couple of seconds then what seems to me like thyme and cedar kick in.smells more like a dried pine cone than pine to me.smell almost like one of my botched creations where i used too much thyme.spray 20 times and it will still be gone in minutes it seems.i thought it would be funny if i got this straight from italy which i was brought back to me as a gift.cute! This was ones very good, just like Puig´s Agua Brava ones was good. The initial notes are strong pine and citrus. Still, I remain ambivalent about it. When i was a little my father used to have a large bottle of Pino S(by Vidal).I clearly remember the bottle,all green and somehow mysterious,standing still on shelf,inviting.But,unfortunately,for some reason,all members of my family,including my dad,had a terrible headache from it.It was so strong smell and overpowering for us.So,the perfume was standing on his shelf and no one dare to touch it.And if someone did,it was immediately emerged chaos :"Who touch it? She's very earthy but mysterious - doesn't go to town much because people like to talk. I am a woman and my father used this so my review might be biased :), This one smells great, its like having a walk in the woods in the middle of the winter night ,i looove this one. I find it to be a day scent for a grey fall day to give you a "pep me up" enjoy... Its says something when the likes of Alfarom and Kharnak (2 reviews!) I wish it was more liked by guys nowadays, instead the sickeningly sweet mixes most of them use, I wish they stuck with soap and head and shoulders instead. Not particularly modern...but why should that be a bad thing? I tried it at the store when I bought it, and bought it for him. It's very green and extremely herbal. Not bad. So,make a favour to yourself! You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Something between 'fish sauce' and/or a citric, musty musk struck me. Like most traditional herbal Italian colognes I've tried, I get a strong smell of Italian herbs, especially thyme. Many years ago I thought I did but now I find it almost repulsive. I know my uncle still using it, my dad used it as an aftershave, my stepdad and dads of my friends. Item Information. My affection hesitated at the beginning citrus blast, but a few seconds later the warmth of amber hummed its presence, the citrus (lemon dominant over bergamot) fell to a hushed level and the glorious, complex middle sang clearly- love the carnation! It Is a nice woodsie scent, but not any scent of pine. It was presented in 1955, as a fougere composition. Would love to see if this is because the bottle is so new? I find the projection to last for hours. i think way underneath and later on, a pleasant very light musk remains. There is no sweetness, and it has an overall dry feel. Sillage is moderate while longevity is pretty good. I guess you get what you paid for. 4 valutazioni prodotto - PINO SILVESTRE EDT PROFUMO UOMO 125ML VAPO CON 66% DI PROFUMO … The opening was more like oregano and hot dog. There is a delicate floral heart with a touch of caraway that grounds the composition in a classy manner. Very green and too powerful for me I'm drowning in it. wOw!!!!!!!! the smell has it all and i will be very greatful if i get guidance from where to purchase pino silvester in dubai I will be very grateful. Great for summer. this fragrance! I quickly snuck that green pine cone bottle into my perfume vault. Everything pine scent should be on a man downfall it doesnt last long at all. And Pino helps me do that. Pino Silvestre is a nice woody pine scent that almost acts as an eau de cologne in its limited strength and longevity. It's like Acqua di Gio Essenza but more herbal and with pine instead of aquatic notes. I also own Pino Silvestre Underwood which isn't too bad but damn, there is a note in this, or maybe the combination of notes that I really don't like, smells like thyme to my nose, very herbal not something I'd like to smell of or have to smell all day. ).Pino with out doubt marketed for men BUT(from my point of view) women who wear mens perfumes can also try this one. It's a chemical mess to my nose. So natural. I have to admit I was quite sad to read so many negative reviews about this perfume. Pino is a solid manly cologne. My decision isn't from the lack of wearing it as I've worn it 3 times ..... 2 too many times actually! FREE shipping, $60.20 Un profumo rinfrescante e dal design unico della bottiglia. I don't get why some people think this is for old men or turn their nose up at it, to me it's a great refreshing scent. One that has lasts for hours, has some depth to it, and makes you smell, well, like a person with disposable income. Una … It's heavy and it has nothing to do with over applying. I am not familiar with the original formulation, if there is even one, and I imagine the quite imaginative and positive reviews I read down here refer to that. Just smells clean and fresh in an old-school, unpretentious sort of way. Spese di spedizione e pagamento. I love to wear it on cloudy or rainy day, which floral and fruity perfumes smelled mess. After the second world war, many people moved from villages and small cities to big cities to seek for a job and a better life. It does not smell of food, harsh or sweaty which i've found is one of caraway's fondest presentation modes. Pino, my first cologne, it was in 1992, y was just 9 years old, y love the bottle, so i save money for over one year and then y buy it, i culdn't sleep that hight, i was so happy, so imagen how mucho i love it, i still get half in the bottle, i buy new one, and still keep my first one. It is more versatile than it looks and smells more pine than they initially may seem . I am very confused that everyone smelled strong pine scents, the first note that hit my nose was very stong black pepper...noone else? I just love wearing it when I feel like being a bit christmas-y or like I'm walking through a forest. I think it has a similar odor to the classic Pears soap. 011 1988 7822. The pine is there but it's not the burst I was expecting. FREE shipping, Sale Price $10.54 its a very masculine perfume for manly man!!!! Sometimes less is more and Pino Silvestre doesn't need a complicated review to sing it's praises.The unbelievable, mostly unadorned scent of fresh wood speaks for itself. Lanciato nel 1955, Pino Silvestre dall composizione felce aromatica.