Other notable films of Pip Torrens career are Joe Wright’s ‘Anna Karenina’ (2012), ‘The Danish Girl’ (2015), ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (2015) and ‘Darkest Hour’ (2017). Every character except Vince was a figment of his tortured imagination combined with survivor's guilt. With Pip Torrens reprising his role as The Curator, we once again find his all-knowing and all-seeing character to be as mysterious as ever as he continues to guide us through the events of Little Hope – a story of loss, tragedy and Witchcraft, and one that’ll hit a little too close to home for some. The "college class" consists of one professor and four students. This game is a follow up of the game Man of Medan, that came out in 2019. Trapped by a mysterious fog in the Ghost Town of Little Hope, they search desperately for a means of escape whilst visions from the past haunt them from the shadows. Pip Torrens mais uma vez repete seu papel como curador em Little Hope. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/pip-torrens-45927.php When the bus stops at the detour during the beginning of the story, there is a brief moment where the driver's left ear (hidden from view by the camera angles) is seen with an old burn mark. This is another hint of all the danger being fictional. During the prologue, Anthony can see the same tire swing in his garden too, which makes sense as Taylor/Tanya and Anthony grew up together. Implied to be the case with Reverend Carver. His recent appearance was on AMC’s hit series ‘Preacher’ as super villain Herr Starr, a fan-favorite character. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Pictures_Anthology:_Little_Hope who the shadowy figure that appears behind Megan in the beginning is. Can be taken further based on player actions. In 1997, he was cast as Captain of HMS Bedford in the James Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. At worst, she's looking at a broken leg, and that's unlikely, more like a sprain. Upon waking up after the bus crash, Andrew mentions that he doesn't remember any of the others with him. burning house sequence seen at the beginning of the game. Throughout the whole game, Andrew is the only character in the college class who never faces a direct risk of death. The house fire sequence with the Clarke family at beginning of the game wasn't just a dream, it actually happened and killed everyone involved except Anthony. I’m going to have try this game out for sure!What about you? Supermassive announced the … Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Even extremely small college classes still have upwards of a dozen students, and any class with only four students would almost certainly have been canceled due to lack of enrollment. Marion Frayna. which is a hint that the trials are all a conjuration of someone's troubled mind. The Curator narrates the player’s decision and even provides an occasional hint to progress through the game. shadowy figure or demon is seen behind Megan. Pip Torrens. Whereas John is too drunk to notice, Anne is locked in the bathroom, and Dennis is stuck in the attic, Tanya had an easy way to get out. In 1997, he did a small part in the series 'Crime Traveller', a science fiction mystery film produced by Carnival Films for BBC. Some of his other significant works include 'The Remains of the Day’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The Curator is honestly a delight, and Torrens seems like he’s having a lot of fun with the role. Pip Torrens landed his first role in the movie ‘Oxford Blues’, in 1984. https://twinfinite.net/gallery/voice-actors-little-hope-voice-cast All of the characters save for Andrew can suddenly die inside the burnt house depending on their dialogue choices even if you have kept them alive throughout the story. He went to Bloxham School in Oxfordshire. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The game is set to receive a follow-up, House Of Ashes, currently scheduled for a 2021 release. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope (Video Game 2020) Pip Torrens as The Curator. And of course, everyone’s favourite Curator (voiced by Pip Torrens) is back to watch in gleeful delight as you make (bad) choices during the game. Multiple game modes, such as Shared Story and Movie Night, which allows players to share their stories on or offline, will return. Is it a demon possessing her into causing the fire, or is it merely her own mental illness imagining it? This is because they don't exist, and only came into existence because of the head trauma he's suffering. Little Hope was originally slated for a … If they faced them alone without begging others for help they live, if not they are destroyed by their demons in the ruined house. The lead role in the play was assigned to Daniel Day-Lewis who is now an Oscar-winning actor. Little Hope serves as this for Anthony, who survived the fire that killed his family and ends up accidentally returning to the town as a middle-aged bus driver. Neither knows that Anthony's head injury was causing him to hallucinate monsters and believe him to be a dangerous lunatic. The use of spectral evidence such as Mary's false seizure and Amy supposedly touching and curing her has been documented. In the 1690s, if you side with Mary in the final trial, he angrily calls her "Satan's whore" and refers to himself as the first one she put under her spell. He secured €48000 from his education authority which helped him through DSL. Pip Torrens’ first job was as an understudy and he describes it as his best break even after the wide range of movies that he has been cast in. Again, because they don't really exist. He was appreciated for his brilliant performance in the movie. Pip Torrens is an English actor best known for his portrayal of Tommy Lascelles in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. None of the characters say anything when the bus suddenly stops and makes an unexpected detour. This will be a “confusing” and “disturbing” tale, he … The overlying template of this anthology series also means we see the return of Pip Torrens as the Rod Serling-esque Curator, ... Little Hope is … Menu. Most endings where Anthony is arrested when Vince calls the sheriff's office after Andrew fires his gun at one of the creatures. He has also played notable roles in movies, such as ‘The Danish Girl’, ‘Dorian Gray’ and ‘The Iron Lady’. Vince gives a dry chuckle and says "That's funny." The 1990s saw Pip Torrens act in many television series as well. Because Andrew/Anthony. The central plot thread of Little Hope pays a huge homage to the very first Silent Hill game. Marion has a serious RPG addiction. Pip plays the powerful spooky-eyed supervillain in the series who is the sacred executioner for a secret organization. The characters you'd been following the entire game were all just representations of Anthony's deceased family members, brought "back to life" by his survivor's guilt-ridden mental illness and head trauma following the bus crash. Pip Torrens, who voices The Curator, will reprise his role for Little Hope. Everything the group goes through is one night-long hallucination being experienced by Anthony fueled by his. He is known for his role as Tommy Lascelles in the Netflix drama The Crown, and for leading roles in Poldark and Versailles.His film appearances include The Danish Girl, The Iron Lady, War Horse and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.In 2017, he joined the main cast of AMC's Preacher, portraying the antagonist Herr Starr. R ight out of the gate in Little Hope, the second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, the so-called Curator (Pip Torrens), a Rod Serling-like master of ceremonies, makes promises that this modest thriller can’t keep. In 2001, he appeared in ‘To End All Wars’, ‘Revelation’, ‘The Mystic Masseur’ and ‘All the Queen's Men’. Some of the notable series were ‘Chimera’ (1991), 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles'(1992) and 'The Bill'(1995). The witch trials in the 1690s had many similarities to real-life witch trials, in particular, the infamous Salem witch trials or the British witch trials as such as those of Matthew Hopkins. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope follows a group of college students who become stranded in the town of Little Hope after the bus they’re travelling in crashes. The game delves into some pretty heavy subject manner, including abuse, parental neglect, and trauma. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review – What’s Lurking in the Shadows? Or is Anthony dreaming it up so he can have someone to blame for the fire? Except not really. https://www.shacknews.com/article/121260/little-hope-voice-actors-and-cast True, they were both adopted and likely shared no blood relationship; and true, Dennis's dislike of Vince. education: Bloxham School, Trinity College, Drama Studio London. A literal example with the gun Anthony can bring with him, which can factor into the worst ending where, Early in the game, the player can come across a small, crude doll in the present day. Pip Torrens is an English actor best known for his portrayal of Tommy Lascelles in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. Torrens tem uma longa lista de créditos em sua página IMDB, embora este seja apenas seu segundo papel como dublador de um jogo, o outro sendo o prequel da Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan. Little Hope will be coming out in the Summer of 2020, courtesy of Bandai Namco. Thereafter, he was seen in the movies ‘Lady Jane’, ‘Little Dorrit’ and ‘Patriot Games’ (1992). Partly justified as the "witch trials" taking place are part of the hallucinations experienced by Anthony. The game features some famous faces, including Pip Torrens (The Crown) and Will Poulter (Black Mirror). Turns out that it was all just a hallucination by the Bus Driver, Anthony Clarke. Vince is the only other person that actually exists, and the one to eventually make Anthony realize the truth, the entirety of the game is taking place in his traumatized mind, the entire game since the bus crash has been inside of Anthony's mind, because his true identity is the bus driver, Andrew, who watched his family die in the prologue's house fire. The other methods were used in Europe. Also returning is Pip Torrens, the mysterious Curator who critiques your progress and may offer a hint by way of a line from a famous book. Vince, Anthony remembers the night with better clarity realizing that he was the bus driver and has been alone this whole time and there was no supernatural threat. There’s also a bit more of a thematic throughline in Little Hope than in Man of Medan, which I found very interesting. The playable parts of the game both begins and ends at the Clarke Family House. In 2005, he was cast as Netherfield Butler in 'Pride & Prejudice'. Philip "Pip" Dean Torrens(June 2, 1960) is an English actor. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/LittleHope. You’ll also find through clues that the 1970s had a Little Hope occupant named Reverend Carson. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/pip-torrens-45927.php, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup. He portrayed Ian Gilmour in the biographic movie, ‘The Iron Lady’, starring Meryl Streep. antagonizing Vince will lead to him calling the police who proceed to arrest Anthony once all is said and done, until their respective victim finally goes toe-to-toe with them. There are no demons out trying to specifically kill him and even if the player fails all his QTE`s up to the climax, he still makes it to the ending scene (with none of said QTE`s involving any direct life or death danger towards him compared to the others). Subverted at the end, when it's revealed that Anthony actually survived the fire, and is Andrew's true identity. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pip_Torrens_(35340646234).jpg, http://www.prphotos.com/p/GPR-083389/pip-torrens-at-amc-s-preacher-tv-series-season-2-los-angeles-premiere--arrivals.html?&ps=2&x-start=6, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5momENGNz8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scvu1-8ad6Q, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u6sLG9uq_U. The executions of hanging, drowning, thrown from heights and being crushed under stones were used, however, only hanging was ever used as an execution method in America (crushing was used famously on Giles Corey, but he never confessed to witchcraft and died due to the torture). Because they weren't there at all. The good ending both begins and ends at a diner. Finally, the Curator played by (PS4) This is actually a hint that things are not as they seem — Wyman has the appearance of the Asian-American neighbor that mistakenly accuses Anthony of being responsible for the fire, Anthony commits suicide as the sole survivor, who dies in the fire that burns down his house and kills his family. He was lauded for his performance in the series ‘Preacher’, an adaptation of the comic book series by the same name. Actor (188) The Nevers (TV Series 2021) Lord Massen (10 episodes, 2021) Roadkill (TV Mini-Series 2020) Joe Lapidus (3 episodes, 2020) The Dark Pictures: Little Hope (Video Game 2020) The Curator (voice) Des (TV Mini-Series 2020) Ivan Lawrence QC (1 episode, 2020) The Crown (TV Series 2016-2019) Tommy Lascelles (17 episodes, 2016-2019) In the good ending for the final trial, Rev. He imagines himself and his family as both the Colonial villagers and the College group, placing himself at the center as Andrew while attempting to save his family from their fates over and over. He caught the eye of the audience with his portrayal of Philip Crane in the British science fiction series, ‘Black Mirror’. This becomes integral to the witch trials storyline as "evidence" of, In a meta sense, the Clarke family and present-day groups also share the same five voice and motion capture actors.

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